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Anime Gauntlet

Chris Moore
UX Designer
Character Selection Screen
3 weeks duration

Group 4.png
Frame 9.png

I love anime and anime fighters! The fact that more anime mash-ups don’t exist is beyond me. With that in mind, I wanted try my hand in crafting a character selection screen for my version of a anime mash-up fighter game.

Frame 10.png
Frame 12 (1).png

For this project I wanted to demonstrate my interaction and visual design skills by applying them to a game design task for crafting a character selection screen for a mobile device.

Frame 13.png
Frame 19.png

I began by gathering the characters, creating the backgorund, and deciding on what interaction elements I wanted to use.
As far as interaction elements I decided that a simple side scroll + menu pop up would suffice. Nothing too fancy. Just something to get the point across and give potiental players a slight sense of engagement.

Frame 16.png

I also wanted to include a dynamic logo. One that changes on its own as players navigate the screens. This was probably the most challenging aspect of the design. I wanted to create a looping “neon sign” effect. I didn’t want it to over power the main point of the screen, but I wanted to give players something fun and extra to accent their experience.

After the logo was created, all that was left to do was combine all the single elements onto my screens. This is the final product.

Frame 9.png

Overall I like the way my designs ended up, however I would definitely be open to findings ways to make my menu sections look a bit more “flush” and in tune with the rest of the screen. I think that applying a method like that would improve/solidify my game design skills.

20220406_200605_0000 1.png
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