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Design Challenge - Coupon

Creator: Christopher Moore
Role: Visual and Interaction Design
Duation: 3 Days

Task: Simulate the use of a coupon

MacBook Pro 14_ - 14.png


Simulate the use of a coupon

When I think of coupons I think of food (that may be just me)...

Group 12.png

So I chose to create a food ordering app as a foundation for my task.

I could have easily completed the requirements with these simple screen mockups...

iPhone 13 Pro.png
Group 15.png

But I wanted to challenge myself a bit more.

4 (1).png
iPhone 13 Pro (1).png
Group 18.png

Because I wanted Moore (haha see what I did there), this design challenge took about three days to complete.

I recalled a previous design I did that required the use of over 100 screens. FOR JUST ONE SECTION.

So I chose to find a better way to accomplish this type of task that would save both time and effort.

I have no Idea what this technique is called but I do have to thank Youtuber and Designer Matt Smith ( aka MDS) for providing me with this knowledge.

Frame 36.png
image 5.png

The end result came out a little like this...

4 (1).png
Frame 40.png

Try it yourself!

MacBook Pro 14_ - 14.png
video (1).png
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