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Chris Moore

“I'd like to describe myself as a passionate “Jack-of-all trades”, who loves games and everything video game related. I am a student of people and I love adapting and making the best out of a challenging situation.”

Case Studies and Projects

Under Construction


Career & Education


  • Generalist

  • Adaptable

  • Overcomes challenges

  • Works well in teams

Areas to Improve:

  • Organization

  • Attention to detail

  • Technical Skills

Technical skills and Training

Achievements and Knowledge Gained

Capella University

(September 2023)



(July 2022)


Elvtr Online Course

(Summer of 2022)

Bachelor of Psychology and 2x Dean’s List Recipient​

Google UX/UI Design Certification resulting in proficiency with tools such as Figma and Adobe Cloud services.

Game Production knowledge and techniques leading to acquiring Scrum Master Certification.

Add-ons and Supplemental Training

Achievements and Knowledge Gained

Licensed Massage Therapist (present)


Six Sigma Global Institute

(Summer of 2022)


LinkedIn Mini Courses (Summer of 2022)

Operation, sales/marketing, and team management skills leading to Team Lead positions as well as owning and operating a 4-5 star rated massage business for multiple years.


Scrum Master Certification


Various levels of working knowledge of 3D animation tools like Blender, as well as Coding HTML and Java, and project management.

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